MTL products are used in all types of location, both hazardous and general purpose, from offshore oil and gas platforms, power production plants and petrochemical installations to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and other manufacturing plants.

We are the recognised world leader in Fieldbus power systems and wiring components, Intrinsic Safety interfaces and surge protection techniques as well as being a leading authority in Industrial Ethernet, and HMI / Visualisation for safe and hazardous locations. The core technologies of the company have significantly increased over recent years and now includes Alarm Management, Wireless interconnect and Industrial Security.

Intrinsic SafetyWorld leading products for your process. HART InterfacingGetting the most from your installed devices. Process I/O™MTL's Remote IO is designed for Zone 2 hazardous area process IO applications.
FieldbusThe best technology from the best equipment source. Industrial EthernetHigh speed data control for safe and hazardous areas.Industrial Security Safeguard your control system from cyber attacks.
Industrial WirelessReliable data from remote locations. HMI and VisualisationRuggedised process monitoring and control from the plant floor. Surge ProtectionBecause lightning can strike the same devices twice.